Can Choke Be Replaced by Resistor | Differences and Preferability

No, a choke cannot be directly replaced by a resistor. An ordinary resistor cannot be used instead of a choke coil because it wastes power in the form of heat.

A choke coil is a low-resistance inductor coil that is used to suppress or limit the flow of alternating current. But it doesn’t impact the flow of direct current, as in applications requiring AC to DC conversions. A resistor is a passive component that can only decouple supply stages and give a voltage drop.

Can Choke Be Replaced by Resistor

Why Can We Not Use an Ordinary Resistor Instead of the Choke Coil

Because a choke coil functions as an inductor, it is utilized in electrical circuits to enable DC current to flow while blocking AC current from going through. Choke coils are used in fluorescent lights or tubes to produce a very high voltage initially and a low voltage once the gas in the tube is ionized.

Also, they have an inductance value that allows them to filter out high-frequency noise or smooth out the output of a system. On the other hand, resistors introduce resistance and dissipate electrical energy as heat. They lack the inductive properties required for functions such as noise filtering or energy storage. 

What Is the Difference Between Choke and Resistor

The main difference between a choke and a resistor lies in their electrical characteristics and functions.

FunctionIt is used to block higher-frequency while passing DC and lower frequencies of AC.A resistor limits or regulates the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit
ImpedanceTheir resistance to current flow varies with the frequency of the signalThe impedance of resistors doesn’t change.
Energy StorageChokes store energy in their magnetic field.Resistors can’t store energy. Rather they dissipate energy as heat.
ConstructionIt is made out of a coil of insulated wire twisted around a magnetic core.Chokes & Inductors | Nexus ElectronicsFigure 1: ChokeModern resistors are made out of either a carbon, metal, or metal-oxide film
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Figure 2: Resistors

Why Is a Choke Coil Preferable to Resistor

A choke coil is preferred over resistance in an ac circuit because a choke coil has a larger value of self-inductance and hence power dissipation is zero for a choke coil.  Choke coils are used in automotive audio systems to prevent high audio frequency signals from the amplifier from being transmitted. 

It’s also widely used in computer cables, radio receivers, and amplifiers. Choke coils are used in tuned circuits and filters to block certain high-frequency signals from AC currents. In contrast, resistors lack this energy storage and inductive properties. 

How Can the Function of Resistor Be Replaced?

Resistors in series or intricate resistor networks can be substituted by a single equivalent resistor, REQ, or impedance, ZEQ. Regardless of the resistor network’s combination or complexity, all resistors obey the same basic laws outlined by Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws.


In certain situations where the specific function of a choke is not required, such as current limiting or voltage dropping in simple circuits, a resistor can be used as an alternative. However, it is crucial to understand the circuit requirements and limitations when considering such substitutions.

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