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A fusible resistor is not generally replaceable with a normal resistor. Fusible resistors have a specific design to provide resistance and overcurrent protection by intentionally failing when the current exceeds a certain threshold. Normal resistors do not have this safety feature and are not suitable for replacing fusible resistors.

Can I Replace Fusible Resistor with Normal Resistor

Can a Normal Resistor be Used as a Substitute for a Fusible Resistor?

While a normal resistor and a fusible resistor differ in their intended functions and safety features, replacing a fusible resistor with a normal resistor as a direct substitute is generally not recommended. Here’s why:

  1. Protection Function

Figure: Regular Resistor

A fusible resistor offers protection against overcurrent or voltage surges, while a normal resistor does not possess this protective feature.

  1. Safety Mechanism

Figure: Fusible Resistor

The fusible link in a fusible resistor melts when an abnormal current is detected, effectively interrupting the circuit. This safety mechanism prevents further damage to sensitive components. A typical resistor does not have this built-in safety feature.

  1. Circuit Integrity

Fusible resistors are designed to interrupt the circuit in case of abnormal currents. By replacing them with normal resistors, the circuit may not be protected adequately, and further damage to other components could occur.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

What is the substitute for a fusible resistor?

The best substitute for a fusible resistor is a resettable fuse or a thermal fuse. These devices offer similar protection against overcurrent or excessive temperature rise.

Can I use a normal resistor as a temporary substitute for a fusible resistor?

While it is generally not advisable, in some cases, a normal resistor with a higher resistance value may be temporarily used as a substitute for a fusible resistor. However, this should only be considered a temporary solution until a suitable fusible resistor or alternative protective device can be obtained.

To Conclude

Replacing a fusible resistor with a normal resistor is not recommended due to differences in their intended functions and safety features. Carefully select resistors with appropriate ratings, ensure proper mounting and placement, conduct circuit analysis, test their functionality, document their use, and consult manufacturer specifications for guidance. 

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