Our Story

Electronics Talk began with the idea to help others with the relays, conductors, capacitors, and devices associated with regulations. It started as a DIY project in our basement to work with different electronic motherboards, fixing them and replacing burnt-out capacitors.

Eventually, it came to our mind that a lot of people out there have it as a hobby and even as a profession. With that idea in mind, we, a small team of 5 started experimenting, writing the works that we do in our off time and helping other like-minded individuals out there. 

Team Behind Electronics Talk

Our dedicated team consists of electrical engineers, programmers, writers, and editors. Who work simultaneously by communicating with each other.

Before every article is published, our expert editor team inspects that every detail is on point and there is no error in the process. As most of us face trouble solving and working with electrical components in our everyday life, it is our personal perspective that influences us to write, experiment and make notes about the small details in a simple and more understandable manner. 

Ethics and Philosophy

At Electronics Talk, we believe in sincerity, commitment, and dedication to our work. No matter how hard things turn out to be, we work through them as a team.

That is what you will find in our words and actions. ‘Making everything simple so that a beginner can understand’ is our main priority. 

More to Come

Although we are at the beginning stage of any circuit board, conductors, and regulating devices, we want to expand it to robotics, languages associated with it, and different power devices as well. 

With time, effort, and a little help from our readers, we can build a community that is will not only benefit a small number of individuals but anyone who is eager to learn and do experiments, fix and update on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Electronic Talk provide offline support?

No. At the moment we only provide online support through email. Make sure you write to us with your problem mentioned with images and details.

Is there any robotics buildup manual in Electronic Talks?

As of now, we are still working on it. We are starting with the basics and are thinking of expanding into more critical circuits and motherboards before jumping into robotics. As it is a vast area, it will take time to progress that far. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for every new update.